Utkarsh Kapoor

CEO & Founder

With over two decades of rich experience in the entire supple-chain domain, Utkarsh Kapoor has witnessed evolution of industries and procedures first hand, and this is what he brings to the table. Founder & CEO, he is the backbone of what keeps ORIGHT steady on its foundation, and brings a vision to how the right choice of ORIGHT would expand in industries and products to create an ecosystem of purity and transparency.

Rame Kachroo

CTO & Co-founder

A technology enthusiast with varied experience in software development, spanning Sales, Service, Partner Management, and more, Rame Kachroo constitutes the tech fist of ORIGHT. With his immense experience and vision, he is creating solutions and services for the agritech industry using IoT, Fintech, Blockchain, etc.

Nimrat Singh


With a rich experience of twenty years under her belt, encompassing talent acquisition, recruitment, induction, and more, Nimrat knows the entire employee cycle to the core. At ORIGHT, she knows the Human in Human Resources and infuses spirit in the people who build the business. It’s the people who drive ORIGHT, and it’s Nimrant, who drives the people.

Vibhuti Gaharwar

Operations Head

22 years and counting is an experience worth noting. Vibhuti brings to the table an illustrious journey in sustaining revenue and increasing profits and gains, to keep the ORIGHT not just afloat, but flourishing. He indulges with his quintessential style of sales, has an exceptional attitude towards solving problems, along with strong negotiation skills and a keen aptitude towards client assessment.

Mohit Walia

Vice President — Platform & Investor Relations

Mohit brings to the table an experience of 10 years and counting, rich in brand building, business operations and much more. At ORIGHT, he handles the platform and investor relations as he contributes to the overall vision of creating an inclusive ecosystem via agritech.

Aniket Gupta

Development Team Lead

The youngest in the team, Aniket brings his bright mind to the table when it comes to digitizing the entire interface and universe of ORIGHT. A software genius, he brings innovation and a fresh perspective to the table.