Real Actionable Intelligence From Every Drop

The information you NEED to know about the health of each drop of the milk you buy.

The journey of a 1000 litres begins with one drop

We keep an eye on your milk right from the beginning, so you’ve got a bird’s eye view of everything that has happened in its journey to your kitchen.


We start from the time the milk hits the milk container. 

Our IoT devices track various factors that affect the quality of the milk – temperature, humidity, water, FAT, SNF, Adulterants. 

This tracking continues all the way to its final destination, covering the time spent in chillers, transport vans, and environment at the time of final packing. We’ve got your milk’s entire journey mapped.

Data Safety

To ensure that the data collected through tracking is not tampered with in any way. Our IoT devices send the collected information directly to a blockchain network where it can never be altered. 

The information you get on your packet of milk is as honest as it gets!

Real Time Monitoring

Stale data is no data.

We realized that the information we collect on perishable food items like milk is just as perishable as the milk if it is not real-time.

Therefore we designed our IoT devices and tracking software to collect and utilize information in real-time, allowing for quality control in real time, temperature adjustments to increase nutritient retention and ensure minimum degradation in milk quality from the time of milking to the time of purchase. 

If you want data that is more accurate you’d have to be in the milk container!

Our Mission

Enabling delivery of trusted insights to you through the use of cutting-edge technology like blockchain and automated tracking devices to ensure your family’s health and happiness.

We base our entire operations on

3 key value points


All Quality & Purity information collected through tracking  is stored permanently and safely on our servers to ensure that it is never tampered with


We know what it means when it comes to your family’s health. Which is why we give you the real health information of the food you buy


We use the best of Technology like Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Blockchain to bring out information that is most valuable for customers.


Barosi Farm

Did you know that temperature, humidity and time spent in chiller can effect the quality of your milk?


The temperature variation arising out of transportation ends up affecting the quality of the milk that you consume. Explore how our IoT devices installed at various checkpoints can help you!

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We deliver health at your doorstep

O’RIGHT partners with dairy farms and distributors across India who deploy our Assurance technology within their entire Supply Chain. With our services, we would like more and more homes to have quality information about the food they consume. Get the accurate information by selecting the city and location to track the journey of every drop of milk!

Barosi Farms

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